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Starter Plant

Also known as the Mouse Melon or Mexican Sour Gherkin, cucamelon seeds produce vines that are easily confused for normal cucumber plants. These small novelty fruit look like tiny watermelon and perfect for snacking off the vine. The mild, sweet cucumber taste are packed with slight citrus notes. Harvest at 1" in size, before any seeds develop.

Care Instructions:

  • Works in containers
  • Full Sun
  • 67 days to maturity
  • Open Pollinated

No two plants are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality; starter plants are potted in at least 3" x 3" nursery pot and typically are not in bloom. All starters are healthy and viable.

Plants are only available for local delivery within Windsor-Essex County. Please select this option at check out, or contact us for specific inquiries.