We know you are more successful when your home is running smoothly. We are here to help, and we provide services to get you on the right path.

If your plants are showing signs of stress and fatigue or if they are outgrowing their current pots let us repot them for you. We use our own specially created mixes to cater to their needs, whether you have a picky Calathea, a stubborn Fiddle Leaf Fig or a needy Cyclamen, as long as they have healthy roots we will help them bounce back and start thriving again.

We are able to help with your outdoor gardening needs, from sourcing to planting all the way to mulching your outdoor gardens let us help you along the way.

We offer design navigation to help you plan from the initial stages to the very end in order to bring your space to life. We offer decorating and layout building, colour consultations and more. Our one on one approach gives you the reassurance of a personalized space with all of your needs in mind.

Indoor plants showing roots in need of repotting services and will become healthier if repotted to a larger pot. You can use a nursery pot and most will be happy in free drainage soil.